Vendredi 19 août 2011

Christian Louboutin sues second footwear designer for ‘copying’ signature red sole

christian louboutin satin pumps is pursuing a second company of shoes made to their red soles.

The designer, who is a favorite of the list, has taken legal action against the French Operating label Carmen Steffens Brazilian alleged trademark infringement.

It is less than a week after the luxury shoemaker complains disadvantages Yves Saint Laurent for the sale of shoes almost identical branches with red soles in the same New York that his stock designs.Stilettos at dawn: christian louboutin satin sandals  has filed lawsuits against both Carmen Steffens (left) and Yves Saint Laurent (right) for ‘copying’ his trademark red sole (centre)

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Spandex bodysuit -Stylish and Sexy

Spandex leopard zentai are a kind of body tight suit that looks stylish and sexy on both men and women. As we all know that the spandex bodysuit is made of latex and fabric ,a stunning material that has great elasticity and flexibility ,using this material for clothing can give us a feeling of comfort and relax. Besides Latex clothing can be crafted in bold colors. Once shined, it gives dazzling shine that even highly polished leather cannot match. This is the best nature of the latex.
This kind of zebra zentai usually can be put on only by using lube or high quality talc as it clings so tightly.Featuring simple styles, latex clothes, however, can take a lot of practise to don. Most of the times, you need a dressing buddy to help you squeeze into it. Remember to choose high quality talc and non oil-based lubes. Otherwise, the surface of the latex clothing will be damaged, you need to take a highlight to this.

Blue With Orange Lycra Spandex Zentai Bodysuit


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Personalize Your Zentai Suits

To pursue the uniqueness and personality, I would like something more special. Sometimes I feel it’s a little bit pity that most suits we got are the pre-designed styles. If you have the same desire as me occasionally, you may try some of my advice.

The easiest and also the first option is to use the lycra zentai features provided by the zentai shops. We could ask the seller to tailor them with open eyes, open mouth, open nose, or whole face a hole. We could also ask them to tailor the feet with disjoined toes. While for this feature you need to be aware that disjoin toes will make the wearing time even longer. I have a zentai suit with a removable hood, and that’s very convenient when wear it. It is also available to ask the supplier to change the location of zips, or add zips at different places, such as a vertical multicolor zentai zipper at front chest, or besides the legs. The gloves and feet could also be make removable.Most of these extra features cost a little bit extra payment, but compared with DIY, that should be far more economical.
Lycra Spandex Wolverine Catsuit

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